Mihai Moldovan
Sat Mar 23 02:35:00 GMT 2013

Hi list, hi Jonathan,

trying to use std::wstring_convert which is specified in the C++11 standard (
section, I was greeted by a friendly compiler error message
indicating that this class is not yet implemented in GCC.

I have also checked the current SVN trunk (or well, rather grepped the git repo)
and came up with only two HTML files mentioning it, but nothing in particular.

Any ETA on that?

According to bug #53683 ( ),
Jonathan planned to get around to it in June 2012, but probably has forgotten.
I'm not pointing fingers, it's absolutely fine and given a Google search, it
kind of seems low-priority, as I'm so far one of only a handful of people
actually trying to use this new class.

Best regards,


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