Getting GCC to target Windows RT

Nathan K. Ladwig (Netham45)
Sun Mar 17 11:52:00 GMT 2013

I would like to begin work on getting GCC to target Windows RT (Windows on ARM)

Here are the current relevant known details of the target:
Uses PEs
PEs seem to use the same header values as the x86 counterparts, except
with the 'Machine type' field set to 0x01C4, instead of 0x014C (See for more header information)
Can use ARM code, but interrupt handlers will (incorrectly) throw the
CPU back into THUMB mode upon return, therefore ARM code is highly
Because of this, THUMB2 is the preferred code format

I admittedly have done very little work with GCC and I'm not 100% sure
where I would start on porting it to target Windows RT. My main
interest is to support desktop applications, which can be achieved
with the jailbreak tool I maintain. My main goal is to get GCC running
to aid development on the platform, I don't have a specific
application in mind (though, I suppose that X-Chat would make a good
test case, due to it's complexity).

I've looked at 'cegcc', and I believe that CE is too far removed from
Windows RT to be of any use, I believe that a better starting point
would be to get the same GCC that targets x86/x64 Windows to target
Windows on ARM.

So, my main question is: Where do I start doing this?


Sidenote: I accidentally sent this to the 'gcc' list instead of the
'gcc-help' list the first time I sent it.

--Nathan Ladwig (Netham45)

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