error building gcc 4.8.1

Jonathan Wakely
Wed Jul 10 18:07:00 GMT 2013

On 10 July 2013 11:36, David Kredba wrote:
> What about to try it with configure options --enable-targets=x86_64
> --disable-multilib? Or HOST=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and
> TARGET=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu instead of those. If you do not need
> 32bit compiler too of course.

Those HOST and TARGET settings won't affect multilib support, and
--disable-multilib has already bee suggested and is described at

> Options --enable-shared --enable-__cxa_atexit and
> --enable-threads=posix can be maybe interesting for you too.

Those are all enabled by default on GNU/Linux so they're not very interesting.

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