gfortran confusing object file with source?

Jeffrey Kelling
Fri Jul 26 13:31:00 GMT 2013


I hope this is also the right place for gfortran.

I encountered the following problem when compiling netcdf 3.6.3 and etsf-io 
1.0.3 unsing gcc 4.6.2, 4.6.1 as wel as gcc 4.7.1:

When the makefile tries  to link some binary using (at least echoing) the 
following command line:

gfortran -I../../src/low_level -I../../src/group_level  
-I/home/kelling/checkout/want-2.4.0/plugins/netcdf/include -O3 -g -x f95-cpp
-input -D__GFORTRAN -D__STD_F95 -D__FFTW -D__MPI -D__PARA -I../include 
-I../include -I. -I/home/kelling/checkout/want-2.4.0/extlibs/iotk/include 
-I../libs -I../wannier -I../transport   -L../../src/group_level -L. 
-L/home/kelling/checkout/want-2.4.0/plugins/netcdf/lib -o etsf_io etsf_io.o 
-letsf_io_utils -letsf_io -lnetcdf

gfortran gives a warning:

Warning: Reading file 'etsf_io.o' as free form

followed by errors like:

Error: Invalid character in name at (1)

. I am not familiar with fortran, so I am do not know what 'free form' means, 
but it does not seem to be the correct interpretation of the object file, here 
'etsf_io.o' . I there anything wrong with this command line above? Is there 
something wrong with my setup or does this problem belong to gfortran or etsf-
io? I got the same problem with a testcase of netcdf.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Kelling

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