liblto_plugin dependency issue

Alexey Pavlov
Thu Jul 11 11:50:00 GMT 2013


I have issue with using gcc-4.8.x toolchains under Windows.
If I use gcc-4.8.x toolchains for building GCC then
liblto_plugin-0.dll from new GCC depends on old-GCC libgcc*.dll. It
want __udivdi3 and __umoddi3 from libgcc*.dll.

If I use previous GCC toolchains (<=4.7.3) then liblto_plugin-0.dll
doesn't need libgcc*.dll.
This issue is critical for building new GCC under Windows because if I
want to build GCC with different exceptions type than I have then new
GCC depends on old GCC libgcc*.dll

Can anybody help with it?


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