Extracting operand name and value from GIMPLE assignment statements

Sandeep K Chaudhary babbusandy2006@gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 23:05:00 GMT 2013

Hi Guys,

I am writing a GCC plugin in which I need to extract the variable name
and the assigned value from the statements.

I am able to get the three operands from GIMPLE statements like this

        if(is_gimple_assign(stmt)) {
                tree lhsop = gimple_assign_lhs(stmt);
                tree rhsop1 = gimple_assign_rhs1(stmt);
                tree rhsop2 = gimple_assign_rhs2(stmt);

I want to get the exact variable name from lhsop and value from rhsop1
(for statements such as
"var = value;", rhsop2 is 0 for such statements.). Some pointers to
example code or documentation would be great. I can't find anything
similar in


Thanks a lot !

Sandeep K Chaudhary.

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