stl_map Implementation Details for Development of Custom Allocator

Jonathan Wakely
Thu Aug 29 12:57:00 GMT 2013

On 29 August 2013 13:06, Umara Dissanayake wrote:
> So sorry Jonathan I actually had the issue in stl_map.h
> 129     typedef _Rb_tree<key_type, value_type, _Select1st<value_type>,
> 130                        key_compare, _Pair_alloc_type> _Rep_type;
> I can't see where _Rb_tree is defined? stl_tree.h is not included by
> stl_map? What am I missing?

It's defined in <bits/stl_tree.h>

<map> includes <bits/stl_tree.h> and then <bits/stl_map.h>

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