how to add 2 DLL's to exe?

Tue Aug 27 16:02:00 GMT 2013

i found my error. was your tip;)
because i forget close it "& """"" in 1 line lol
now works:

 strCompilerName = App_Path & "\MinGW32\bin\g++.exe"
        strEXEFileName = """" & App_Path & "\test" & """"
        strCPPFonteName = """" & App_Path & "\test.cpp" & """"

strCompilerName & "-o " & strEXEFileName & " " & strCPPFonteName & "

how i know that works???
the compiler compiles and i tested the exe in other folder and works. but
the exe have 1,24MB's for tell "oi" and waiting that i press enter lol
thanks to all thanks
(these is my 1st topic in these forum: is there any tool for tell that these
topic is resolved? and can i give you 'points'(rate you)?
thansk for all

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