config/driver-<target>.c, config/x-<target>

Chung-Ju Wu
Thu Aug 22 17:25:00 GMT 2013

2013/8/22 Hendrik Greving <>:
> I have ported an old backend using an old compiler that was a little
> bit different. There were no files for instance. I was a
> little bit confused about the configuration in an integrated branch
> including ported binutils etc., am I correct assuming that when
> building a 'cross', that I do need to define a new 'host' for
> libgcc/ (because libgcc's host will be my backend), but
> *not* for gcc/ (because I am building on x86)?

You need to define a new 'host' in libgcc/ and a
new backend, which is the host of for libgcc, in gcc/config.gcc.

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