how to add 2 DLL's to exe?

Ángel González
Tue Aug 27 13:30:00 GMT 2013

On 27/08/13 13:49, niXman wrote:
> 2013/8/27 joaquim:
>> imagine that we have theses source files:
>> main.cpp
>> source1.cpp
>> do i need compile them 1 by 1, or just the main?
> g++ main.cpp source1.cpp -omain

Or, you can also compile them incrementally:

  g++ -c main.cpp -omain.o
  g++ -c source1.cpp -osource1.o
  g++ -o main.exe main.o source1.o

This way a change on source1.cpp doesn't require a compile
of main.cpp (you would only repeat the last two commands)

The program make is designed to automate this way (it uses
a configuration file called Makefile).

And about your other query:
> (i must use """" for considere the space and others characteres.. something
> about VB i think)
"""" in VB generates a single ". You are writing the filenames between
double quotes (so you don't have problems with spaces in the path)

> if i take off the&  " -static", the compiler do the job correctly:(
> so what i'm doing wrong?
-static means that you want everything in one executable. If you leave 
out, the will still link the program, but will (may) produce an 
executable which
requires other libraries.

You can obviouslly create a VB program to produce the compilation line, 
but I feel
you are using the wrong tool. Use either a batch file (for simple 
compiles) or learn
to use a Makefile. It really pays off.

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