how to add 2 DLL's to exe?

Tue Aug 27 11:37:00 GMT 2013

niXman wrote
> 2013/8/27 joaquim:
>> i understand the the GCC compiler exe needs the libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll and
>> libstdc++-6.dll for work. but how can i add them to exe(for the exe don't
>> be
>> dependent of them)?
>> (for i distribut the programs)
> Use '-static' comand line option when linking.
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honestly i'm new with GCC command lines. so try help in these way(sorry, but
it's more easy for i understand):

-heres how i compile the resource file:
(RC to RES)

windres my.rc -O coff -o my.res 

-compile the source file(i think that i only need the main source file, but

g++ -c object.o sourcefile.cpp

- for add it to exe:

g++ -o my_app.exe obj1.o my.res

- so for use that command i do these?

g++ -o my_app.exe obj1.o my.res -static

i'm correct?

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