mlock in cache

Fri Aug 2 16:58:00 GMT 2013

On 08/02/2013 05:38 PM, Brian Budge wrote:
> Can I naively ask what the purpose is of forcing this data to be in
> cache all the time?  If you use the data often enough for this to be
> useful, it will already be in cache. If you don't, you benefit by
> having it not be in cache.
Many specific reasons. For example, if you want to tackle cold boot 
attacks on cryptographic keys
you can either put you keys on some registers (there is a related 
implementation named tresor) or
you can hide it the cache for example and force the opponent to dump the 
whole memory and synchronize
the cache with the memory (which some times might not be possible).

However, I generally consider the question of high academic interest.

Christos Tsopokis

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