CLooG hell

Tue Jul 17 18:57:00 GMT 2012


>> What I'm trying to highlight is that builders are enforced to use old
>> library (PPL 0.11) for some reason (then again, the question is why using
>> PPL when it is instructed to use ISL? I allow the possibility that I
>> didn't
>> understand CLooG dependencies well).

I may be mistaken but my impression was that Graphite is (unfortunately)
still rather experimental, not very well supported and not actively worked
on so you should expect problems.

As for your problem with Cloog - when we ran into it ourselves we just
hacked it with sed:

  sed -i.bak -e 's/#if PPL_VERSION_MAJOR != 0.*/#if 0/' configure

and it worked fine.

Oh, yeah - and you should expect harsh responses on gcc lists, they are
famous for that ;)

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