Suspicious assembly code generated by GCC 4.5.2

Tue Jul 31 11:41:00 GMT 2012


I'm working on a MIPS-based embedded system. 
Below is an assembly code snippet of the end of some function. 
This code was compiled by gcc 4.5.2 with -mips16e and -Os flags. 
- Line 6: the stack frame is released and ra,s0 and s1 registers are
restored from the stack. 
- Line 8: returns to the caller function (jump to the return address) 
- Line 9: branch delay slot instruction which stores in v0 (return value) a
value pointed by register a0 
          Note that 0(a) is located in the stack (sp + 26) - see lines 2,3,5 
 1) 8024c3be:       9206        lw      v0,24(sp) 
 2) 8024c3c0:       677d        move    v1,sp 
 3) 8024c3c2:       4387        addiu   a0,v1,7 
 4) 8024c3c4:       67bc        move    a1,gp 
 5) 8024c3c6:       4c13        addiu   a0,19 
 6) 8024c3c8:       6478        restore 64,ra,s0-s1 
 7) 8024c3ca:       f3a6 dd50   sw      v0,13232(a1) 
 8) 8024c3ce:       e820        jr      ra 
 9) 8024c3d0:       8c40        lh      v0,0(a0)         // sp+26 
10) 8024c3d2:       6500        nop 
This asm code (generated by GCC) seems to be faulty as the cpu reads value
from the stack frame (line 9) after it was 'released' (line 6). 
Here is a problematic scenario which demonsrates the issue: 
1. A task is running this function. 
2. Interrupt is triggered between lines 7 and 8. 
3. The context of the task is stored in the stack (which was restored
beforehand in line 6). 
4. As a result the value stored in 0(a0)=sp+26 is overwritten by the context
5. The ISR ends and the task context is resotred. 
6. the instruction in line 9 is executed --> The function returns in v0
incorrect value! 

So far I worked with an older version of the compiler 'gcc version 3.4.4
mipssde-6.06.01-20070420' - I didn't see the problem there. Recently I
switched to a new compiler 'gcc version 4.5.2 Sourcery CodeBench Lite
2011.09-86' and I started seeing this problem. Note that this will only
happen if I compile to mips16 and apply size optimization. Otherwise this
problem won't occur.

Regardless of the RTOS I'm using (it's not linux), is this code legitimate? 
Does the compiler allowed to add instructions which read data from the stack
frame after releasing it? 
Allegedly, this looks like a compiler issue. 


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