Questions about the recent move to cloog and isl

Terry Guo
Tue Jul 3 08:46:00 GMT 2012


I noticed the GCC trunk replace PPL with ISL. After read the help
message of cloog 0.17, I have following questions, please help:

1). Given there are ISL 0.10, clooG 0.17 and another ISL 0.08 in cloog
0.17,  I am confused.  Who will need the ISL 0.10? Can it share the
ISL 0.08 in cloog 0.17 or the cloog share the ISL 0.10? Should I build
ISL 0.10 and cloog with ISL and install them into different paths
(otherwise the ISL in cloog will overwrite the ISL 0.10)? What's the
best solution to handle them?

2). There is osl source code inside cloog. Who will use osl? What's
the impact if I don't build osl at all? Should I build them as well as
I build cloog through configure option --with-osl=bundled? If needed,
I think the osl configuration file need to be updated.

For cloog the ./configure --help shows:
  --with-gmp=system|build Which gmp to use
  --with-gmp-prefix=DIR   Prefix of gmp installation
                          Exec prefix of gmp installation
  --with-gmp-builddir=DIR Location of gmp builddir

For cloog/osl the ./configure --help shows:
  --with-gmp=DIR          DIR where the gmp package is installed
  --with-gmp-include=DIR  DIR where gmp.h is installed
  --with-gmp-library=DIR  DIR where the gmp library is installed

So the gmp path info can not be passed to osl from the configure of cloog.

Thanks very much for any help.


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