No useful backtrace after uncaught exception in std::thread

Jonathan Wakely
Tue Nov 15 22:26:00 GMT 2011

On 15 November 2011 20:42, Paweł Sikora wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 of November 2011 21:32:58 Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> Your program is still in the main thread, i.e. it failed to even
>> launch a thread - did you forget to use -pthread?
> i've used gcc commandline from original post (w/o -pthread), so it looks like another bug
> that allows std::thread compilation w/o (-pthread) -D_REENTRANT definition.

No, that's not a bug.

Not all platforms use _REENTRANT so checking for that wouldn't make
sense on those platforms.

It's the expected behaviour that if you don't link to libpthread then
the process is limited to a single thread, so if you try to launch
another thread you get an exception telling you there are not enough
resources to create the thread.

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