make install fails due to "-Wno-overlength-strings"

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Nov 3 22:06:00 GMT 2011

Todd Sayers <> writes:

> I'm attempting to install gcc 4.3.6 on RHEL 5.5 x86_64 using the installed (default, from Redhat) gcc version 4.1.2.  Everything [except the `make install`] appears to work well.  Only the `make install` of gcc 4.3.6 fails.  It dies with this error:
> cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-overlength-strings"
> gmp,mpfr, and mpc all compiled without error, passed `make check`, and were installed via `make install.`  There were no issues.  GCC 4.3.6 compiles without error (make) and passes almost 96,000 tests before `make check` dies (after >2hrs using -j4).  GCC 4.3.6 was configured 
> with:
> ../gcc-4.3.6/configure --prefix=/foo/HPC_apps/AMD --with-gmp-lib=/foo/HPC_apps/AMD/lib --with-gmp-include=/foo/HPC_apps/AMD/include --with-mpfr-include=/foo/HPC_apps/AMD/include --with-mpfr-lib=/foo/HPC_apps/AMD/lib
> Please note that (per the instructions) I am NOT building in the source directory.  I Googled until I reached the end of the Internet... and, well, after that I decided to write this e-mail.  What gives?  Is there an environment variable that can be set to force gcc to not attempt to use this option (in the configure logs, it discovers that "-Wno-overlength-strings" is not an available option.  WTF?

It sounds like you are saying that you get the error about
-Wno-overlength-strings when you run "make install".  But running "make
install" should not actually compile anything.  So something has gone
wrong.  Perhaps your timestamps are not right, who knows.

I would recommend running "make" a couple of times until you are sure
that nothing is being recompiled.  Then run "make install".  If it still
fails, show us the last 100 lines or so of make output.


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