how to dump ssa-pre debug info

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Nov 30 06:42:00 GMT 2011

Trashbucket <> writes:

> I am trying to dump the debug info of gcc/tree-ssa-pre.c but did not
> succeed. (using gcc 4.4.3)
> I tried -ftree-pre with -fdump-tree-all or -fdump-tree-pre[-all] and
> many more and searched for strings that should have been in one of the
> generated files.
> It seems that none of the optimizations are dumped:
>   some files
>   file.c.98.release-ssa
>   file.c.129.optimized
>   some more files
> Creation of a dump file depends on the dump_file variable.
> How can I dump the debug info of optimizations?

It should work to use -fdump-tree-pre-details -O2.  You need the -O2 to
ensure that the optimization is enabled--merely adding the -fdump option
won't enable the option, and neither will merely adding -ftree-pre.


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