Linking libgcc with xgcc fails in build of trunk

Aran Clauson
Wed Nov 23 00:12:00 GMT 2011


I'm trying to build trunk with C only on NetBSD 5.1.  I've gotten to the point
where libgcc is built with xgcc and I get a failure when linking

/usr/bin/ld: /usr/local/lib: No such file:

I replaced ld with echo to see the link line and /usr/local/lib is sent to the
linker as a file.  In $(BUILD)/gcc/spec is a section with the following:

%D  /usr/local/lib

I tried removing this line, but the file is regenerated by the make system.
Since others have built and are building trunk, I assume that I have a
misconfiguration.  I am using the same configuration options that successfully
built gcc-4.6.2.  Any help is appreciated.


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