bootstrap comparison failure with bootstrap-lto

Matt Hargett
Sun Nov 20 20:23:00 GMT 2011

On Nov 19, 2011, at 10:50 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:

> Matt <> writes:
>>> Great.  I think that now we've cleared through the weeds and gotten to
>>> the interesting part: why does it crash?  I think the failing test is
>>> gcc_AC_INITFINI_ARRAY in gcc/acinclude.m4.  It is intended to see
>>> whether the host linker correctly supports a mix of .init_array and
>>> .ctors sections with priorities.  This test is intended to be more or
>>> less independent of the compiler, and is intended to only test the
>>> linker.  Both the host gcc used to build stage1 and the stage1 gcc
>>> itself are presumably using the same linker (right?).  So, why would the
>>> test pass with the host gcc and fail with the stage1 gcc?
>>> If you can trace the points at which the static variable "count"
>>> changes, that may help us pin down what is going wrong.
>> Pin down, indeed :) When I try to watch or print 'count', I get this
>> from GDB:
>> Reading symbols from /home/matt/src/gcc-trunk/obj/conftest...done.
>> (gdb) watch count
>> Watchpoint 1: count
>> (gdb) run
>> Starting program: /home/matt/src/gcc-trunk/obj/conftest
>> Error evaluating expression for watchpoint 1
>> value has been optimized out
>> Watchpoint 1 deleted.
>> So, it looks like an optimization bug of a sort to my naive eyes.
>> If I take out the -flto=jobserver, the test no longer crashes and the
>> variable is no longer optimized out incorrectly. Trying other -flto
>> variants all elicited the original problem. When I tested compilation
>> using the trunk *or* the system compiler (GCC 4.6.1-based) with -O2
>> -flto, I was able to repeat the problem exactly.
>> Is this a wrong-code bug, and/or should that test never be compiled
>> with -flto?
> That's interesting.  Where did the -flto=jobserver option come from?
> Did you add that?

That commandline was pulled out of the config.log. My guess is that setting the profile to bootstrap-lto during configure does it. This might not have been seen before if no one tried using bootstrap-lto on a system where gold is the default system linker.

> Looking at this, I think that this kind of test is going to fail when
> using -flto and gold, because gold is going to report that the symbols
> listed in the .ctors and .init_array sections are not visible from the
> outside.  Unfortunately this is not simple to fix in gold.  In fact, I'm
> not sure it's possible in the general case.

Do we have enough info to file an actionable bug (or bugs)? if so, should I file it under the bootstrap component?

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