Why are dwarf2 symbols getting assigned hidden visibility?

John Marino gnugcc@marino.st
Thu Jan 13 19:32:00 GMT 2011

By the way, I can explain why I've been able to build NetBSD all this 
time (and why the patch had no effect).

I had added this to the t-netbsd makefile a couple of months ago:

# Omit $(srcdir)/ginclude/stddef.h header file for NETBSD
# Comes from gcc/Makefile.in
USER_H = $(srcdir)/ginclude/float.h \
	 $(srcdir)/ginclude/iso646.h \
	 $(srcdir)/ginclude/stdarg.h \
	 $(srcdir)/ginclude/stdbool.h \
	 $(srcdir)/ginclude/varargs.h \
	 $(srcdir)/ginclude/stdfix.h \

I got that from the NetBSD Pkgsrc system used for building earlier gcc versions.  They've been building gcc without stddef.h for a long time.


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