4.5.2 doesn't build due to wrong jar-usage (gcj)

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Mon Jan 10 10:21:00 GMT 2011

On 01/07/2011 08:10 PM, Oliver Kullmann wrote:
 >>> configure: error: cannot find neither zip nor jar, cannot continue
 >>> make[2]: *** [configure-target-libjava] Error 1
 >>> make[2]: Leaving directory
 >>> `/compsci/saturn/staff/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/builds/Gcc/gcc-4.5.2_build'
 >>> make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
 >>> make[1]: Leaving directory
 >>> `/compsci/saturn/staff/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources/builds/Gcc/gcc-4.5.2_build'
 >>> make: *** [gcc] Error 1
 >>> make: Leaving directory
 >>> `/compsci/saturn/staff/csoliver/OKplatform/ExternalSources'
 >>> jar exists (also unzip, but not zip), however it thinks it is wrongly used?
 >>> The requirements page of gcc only says that "jar or zip" is needed, and
 >>> nothing is said about version-numbers of jar?
 >>> Apparently jar doesn't follow the usual Unix-tool standards, so you can't
 >>> ask
 >>> it (apparently) about its version or for help. Since I don't use jar, I
 >>> don't
 >>> know what to do here.
 >> This should be autodetected.  The problem usually occurs when gcc has been
 >> configured, and then something goes wrong, and then make is restarted.  The
 >> usual cure is to blow away the libjava directory and start again.
 > I don't understand: Nothing was restarted, but this is just the complete build?
 > Or is it related to me doing (repairing) something in the build directories?
 > That would be rather difficult, since this is part of our package, which
 > needs to be installed automatically by the user.

The only time I have ever seen this happen is when the build is stopped
after configure, something is changed, and then the build restarted.  If
this did not happen, then we have a new bug.

In that case, to debug this we'll need to know exactly how to duplicate
the problem, in precise detail.


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