Allocate a variable in a known physical location

isuru herath
Mon Jan 31 19:16:00 GMT 2011

Dear All,

I need to allocate a variable in a known physical location, let's say I need 
to allocate void *p in location 0x10001000.  I was using mmap to to do this, 
but in that manner I can only allocate p[0], p[1]...p[n] in that physical 
address range. Therefore when I access p[i], accesses to p results in 
outside {0x10001000,  0x10001000+offset} and p[i] results as an access in 
the range I am interested in. I was wondering is there a was for me to force 
to allocate variable p in that address range or I am looking for something 
totally unrealistic. Because of the nature of my research I can use any 
optimization(-O2, O3).

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.



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