NetBSD system static libgcc is too old and causing problems

John Marino
Wed Jan 19 13:19:00 GMT 2011

Andrew Haley wrote:
> When does this error occur?  gcc doesn't usually behave in the way you
> describe.
> Andrew.

Hi Andrew,
It occurs when the Ada library references a symbol the system libgcc.a 
doesn't understand, and so far it's been the exception handling.  For 
GtkAda, the compilation gets about 50% complete before it aborts.  For 
the Ada Web Server, it gets about 75% complete.

I thought that NetBSD's Pkgsrc might be causing the issue with all the 
wrappers and overrides that it layers on top, but I just tried to build 
GtkAda outside of pkgsrc and the same error occurs, so pkgsrc probably 
isn't to blame.

There are a lot of spec customizations in the netbsd headers (gcc/config 
& gcc/config/i386) so it's possible that one of those is causing this 
behavior.  If curious, I can post the entire specs file.


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