Is libffi linked statically to gcj/go?

Andrew Haley
Mon Dec 19 12:42:00 GMT 2011

On 12/18/2011 06:24 AM, Ryan Hill wrote:
> We've been having some problems that arise from conflicts between the
> "system" version of libffi and the one installed by GCC when
> --enable-languages=java is used. Packages are erroneously getting linked to
> the GCC version and then breaking when the user rebuilds without java.  I've
> seen some vague references that libffi is actually linked statically with gcj
> which makes me think we could simply not install the internal libs and
> headers.  But after digging through the code and build logs I can't find any
> evidence that this is the case.

We use a libffi "convenience library" in gcj.

So yes, gcj doesn't use the system libffi.  This might change one day.


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