Strange gcc #include behavior when compiling multiple source files at once

Alfred von Campe
Tue Dec 6 14:39:00 GMT 2011

On Dec 6, 2011, at 9:19, Jonathan Wakely wrote:

> The most basic step would be to add -v to the command line and inspect
> the output (it's not clear from your email if you've already done
> that.)

No, I had not.  I just did and can't quite decipher what (if anything) the
output is trying to tell me.  Would you (or someone else on this list) try
to take a stab at it?  I've attached the (slightly redacted) log file.  But
keep in mind that the init_frame_buffer.i file contains the contents of the
ipc_defines.h include file despite the compiler complaining about "No such
file or directory" as I mentioned in my original post.  Creating a symlink
from ../../../LPM/LPMcode/ipc_defines.h to ../../../LPM/share/ipc_defines.h
makes the compiler happy, even though both directories are specified with -I
on the command line.


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