Precompiled header size limit

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Dec 2 13:44:00 GMT 2011

"Schmidt, Steffen" <> writes:

> Can anyone tell me whether there is/was a maximum size limit for precompiled header files?

There is not supposed to be.

> I'm currently facing a problem using GCC 4.3.2 for mips32 target having a very large precompiled header. Due to some recent code changes the size of my precompiled header (pch) file exceeded 128MB (it's a large project). Although the generation of the pch file worked fine, using this pch file later on in the compilation process of any cpp file failed. GCC ends with an error, but did not return an error message.

gcc exits with a non-zero status but does not print any error message?
That is not supposed to happen.  Is it getting some sort of signal?
What host type are you running on?


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