cross-compiling for arm-uknown-linux-gnueabi: libcc vs glibc

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Dec 1 20:17:00 GMT 2011

Joel Reymont <> writes:

> I'm trying to build a cross-compilation toolchain with gcc-4.6.2 
> and glibc-2.14. I'm on the Mac and using arm-uknown-linux-gnueabi 
> as a target.
> I have Linux headers on the machine and was able to build the first stage of gcc.
> I'm now stuck with glibc wanting libgcc and 'make all-target-libgcc' looking 
> for pthreads.h which is part of glibc.
> Any suggestions on how to resolve this circular dependency?

Building a cross-compiler for a GNU/Linux target is painful.  There are
various scripts that alleviate the pain.  I think the usually
recommended one these days is crosstool-ng.


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