cc1 not found

Sat Dec 17 19:15:00 GMT 2011

hello ,

i've configured gcc with "--prefix=/usr --other-things" , compiled it then
installed it using "make DESTDIR=target_dir install"

so far so good.

however when i chroot into target_dir and attempt to compile something i get
"cc1 not found"
"gcc --print-searched-dirs" returns relative paths that are BROKEN !!
(i.e installed: ../lib/gcc/4.XX ...etc )

when i place the path of libexec into that $PATH variable the compiler then
works again , however y'all know that this is not acceptable so how can i
REWRITE the search-dirs ?

btw when running the compiled gcc outside the chroot i get working paths
such as the following
(installed: /home/chroot/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/4.XX  ...etc )
and the gcc will compile alright.

how can this be solved?
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