autovectorization in gcc

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Dec 6 23:57:00 GMT 2011

Xin Tong <> writes:

> In order to implement this project, I will need a state-of-art
> autovectorizing compiler. Considering the open-source compilers in the
> field, gcc looks like a good choice.  Unfortunately, while I do have
> much experience working llvm, I have no experience with gcc.
> Can any of you give me some suggestions on where to start, I think I
> need to learn the gcc framework as a whole first, then I need to focus
> on the autovectorization pass. Also, any comments on the project idea
> are appreciated as well.

I think you have pretty much summed up the situation.  Since you will
want to focus on the vectorization passes, I would start by reading
gcc/tree-vect*.[ch].  As you find areas that you don't understand, refer
to the gcc internal's manual ( and
the wiki (  Also feel free to ask questions


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