gccgo on sparc

Maciej Bliziński maciej@opencsw.org
Wed Aug 24 08:13:00 GMT 2011

2011/8/24 Ian Lance Taylor <iant@google.com>:
> Maciej Bliziński <maciej@opencsw.org> writes:
>>> Which version of gcc are you building?  Best to stick with mainline for
>>> this.
>> I started with the gcc-4.6.1 tarball.
> Most, perhaps all, of the issues you mention are fixed in mainline.

True.  I checked out trunk from subversion and it built with no
problems.  The OpenCSW package building system works best if you build
from tarballs, so I'll try the 4.7 snapshots now. I understand that
there shouldn't be a big difference between the mainline and the
latest snapshot.


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