Jonathan Wakely
Tue Aug 2 13:04:00 GMT 2011

On 2 August 2011 08:37, Bill Cunningham wrote:
>   The lists in it's cache when I use the command ldconfig -v the c++
> library that the runtime linker must be failing to find.

Are you sure it's finding the right version? There will be one from GCC 3.2 and another, incompatible one from GCC 4.x

> Isn't there a
> difference in the ld and


> Woudn't ld be the funtime linker?

ld is the linker, is the runtime linker aka dynamic linker.

> There are
> also some python library files that is saying are not ELF files. I
> don't think it knows what to do with them.

You can ignore those warnings.

> My C++ file are compiling but not
> running.

Use ldd on the executable to see what library it needs and ensure
that's known by ldconfig. You can use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to set the path
to test that it works when the library is found.  This is all
described at this link, which I've sent you twice already:

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