Testing GCC-4.5.3 on mips-sgi-IRIX6.5

Rainer Orth ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Aug 25 14:22:00 GMT 2011


>> Did you create the /dev/pts/* devices before the testsuite run?
> No, I wasn't certain how to do it. Do I just need to run /dev/MAKEDEV?

unfortunately not: those devices are supposed to be created by
/usr/sbin/mkpts, as described in getpty(3).  I have no idea why this
doesn't happen, but you'll have to do it manually as root, using mknod:

# cd /dev/pts
# mknod <N> c 15 <N>
# chmod 620 <N>
# chown <user> sys

for all missing N (I've created them up to 127).


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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