crt0 location

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Aug 24 14:30:00 GMT 2011

"Paulo J. Matos" <> writes:

> Mostly in my work I have several versions of cross gcc for our own
> port compiled in a directory. When I test the compilers I need to
> provide a libc (usually uclibc) and a crt0. Previously the crt0 was
> being copied to the compiler directory for it to be found however we
> have made those directories read-only. How can I tell GCC during
> runtime where the crt0.o is?
> I have found out that -Bdir-to-crt0/ works. I am wondering if this is
> the right option to use or there's a better way?

The -B option works.

It should also work to configure gcc with --sysroot and put the crt0.o
file in SYSROOT/lib or SYSROOT/usr/lib.


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