How to support Anna Hazare in The Anti-Corruption Drive?

No To Corruption
Tue Aug 16 11:21:00 GMT 2011

Hello Want to support Team Anna but balk at the thought of chanting slogans and 
brandishing placards? We take a look at some of the unique and popular means used 
by Hazare's band of merry men, that you can adopt to show you care.

Missed calls
Activists Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal struck upon a real goldmine when they 
appealed to the masses to dial in and leave a missed call to show their support. 
It cost people nothing and there have already been over 6 lakh calls registered. 
Pick up the phone and call for change now at 022 61550789

Nehru caps
Ousted IPL chief Lalit Modi had urged many online to wear a Nehru topi and hold up 
placards bearing anti-corruption messages at the IPL games. Hidden agenda or 
otherwise, his suggestions look like they were taken seriously!

>From a mugshot of Hazare himself to black ribbons, display pictures of supporters 
across mediums(including Facebook, Twitter and Gtalk among others) saw a swift 
switch to make their support apparent

Relay fasts
Going the whole hog(pardon the pun) like Hazare might not be possible for just 
about everyone, though many at present are undertaking relay fasts, where a person 
observes a fast for a few hours before someone else takes over from them. There 
were many observed in several cities at public grounds like Azad Maidan in Mumbai 
and Freedom Park in Bangalore in April

Liking pages and joining groups, Facebook users were using the medium as an 
important group to mobilize support - from hosting event invitations to live 
updates on developments from Jantar Mantar

Celebrity power shone through on the microblogging site where several B-town folk 
voiced their opinions and their support for Hazare. Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka 
Chopra, Pritish Nandy and Anumpam Kher were only some of these

Candlelight vigils
Like in the Jessica Lall case and 26/11 tributes, protestors in several cities 
responded to the clarion call and showed their support through candlelight vigils

Black Armbands
Originally a sign of mourning, black armbands to show solidarity made their 
presence felt in the April protests. Students and working professionals alike took 
to the same like a fish to water

Whether online or offline, petitions calling for the government to accept the 
revised draft of the Lokpal bill have mushroomed. A single online petition, 
floated by the NGO Avaaz for example, had received over three lakh signatures in 
only a few days
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