Explicit template instantiation and not exported symbols in the resulting DLL

Martin Lederhilger ml@convergent-it.at
Thu Aug 11 06:12:00 GMT 2011


a better title would have been "Attributes for explicit template
instantiation are ignored after an implicit template instantiation

There is also a small mistake in my example. The declaration for the
create function should look like "... inline A<int>* create() ...".

Now concentrating on case one of the example (not using the extern
template extension):
- I should note that this compiles fine with MSVC (although I do not
want to take it as a reference implementation and I cannot really use it
for other reasons).
- In my opinion it makes sense to give attributes on an explicit
template instantiation precedence.

What should I do in the case I receive no answer? Bugreport? Wishlist?

Maybe you can also point me to the code, where the attributes are
actually assigned in the GCC code. I already found the point, where the
warning is generated in attribs.c, but I do not really have a clue -
simply commenting that if block in the hope, that the attributes are
then assigned did not help, only the warning disappeared.

Thanks for your help,

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