GNU Binutils not auto-detected

Jonathan Wakely
Sat Aug 6 19:42:00 GMT 2011

On 6 August 2011 13:46, Marc Glisse wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed recently that unless I specify --with-ld=/usr/bin/ld or
> --with-gnu-ld, the configuration system doesn't notice that I am using the
> GNU binutils (HAVE_GNU_LD is set to 0). Is that done on purpose so I can
> more easily use another linker ?
> On Linux that means I am missing a few extra features.

Huh, I had misunderstood "Same as --with-gnu-as" at to mean that
--with-gnu-ld had no effect except on the four platforms mentioned by
the --with-gnu-as docs.  I wonder how many GCC installations I've done
over the past few years where I got that wrong ...

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