[GCC front end] trying to install python fe but fail in make

Andi Hellmund mail@andihellmund.com
Tue Sep 14 21:32:00 GMT 2010

> Hmm i havent had this error before and again my french isnt great so i
> don't know what the error message means,
> " gccpy: error trying to exec 'gpy1': execvp: Aucun fichier ou dossier
> de ce type"
> Would you mind translating it for me ;)
I think this means "No such file or directory". The reason for this 
error is that you (a) didn't run "make install" to install the python 
front-end or (b) if you don't want to install the front-end but just run 
it from the build directory, you need to set the PATH variable to 
include "."

Hope this helps,

P.s. By using LC_ALL, you should be able to get English error messages ...
> And don't be expecting the python front-end to handle _everything_, my
> lexer is extremely buggy at the moment in DEDENT token generation, but
> its not my focus for now. Try one of the test files within
> gcc/testsuite/python/*.py, a good few will work 4 won't, but they will
> soon i have lots of bugs in the middle of being fixed at the moment.
> --Phil
> --Phil

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