Cannot build GCC for Cortex-M0

Andriy Sukhynyuk
Fri Sep 3 14:48:00 GMT 2010

Hi Kai,

Tried your settings with no success. Still stopping with the error. There must 
be something more to it if you managed

Desparate as I was, I tried and then kept deleting directories build in which 
failed (i.e. fpu/cortex-m0) and alas I have built the thing.

Still I am not satisfied because I could not compile our interwork enabled 
projects with just-assembled arm-none-eabi toolchain (something to do with 
exception unwind though we use only C-code). I remember that I experienced the 
same thing when building the toolchain for interworking and solved it by 
rebuilding the toolchain for to good old arm-elf target.

The struggle continues...



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