In-tree GCC build information

Ruben Van Boxem
Mon Sep 27 13:30:00 GMT 2010


I am currently building a complete in-tree build of GCC 4.6 (snapshot)
and latest binutils and GDB 7.2 (without ppl/cloog-ppl because they're
troublesome for me). I have a couple of questions:

 - What is the official stance on in-tree builds? Are they
"deprecated", not recommended, obsolete...
 - What other dependencies/"toolchain stuff" can be built in-tree
(libiconv, expat, GNU make, ...)? The reason I ask is because the
configure script apparantly "knows" about some of these:
> # these libraries are used by various programs built for the host environment
> #
> host_libs="intl mmalloc libiberty opcodes bfd readline tcl tk itcl libgui zlib libcpp libdecnumber gmp mpfr mpc ppl cloog libelf libiconv"
> # these tools are built for the host environment
> # Note, the powerpc-eabi build depends on sim occurring before gdb in order to
> # know that we are building the simulator.
> # binutils, gas and ld appear in that order because it makes sense to run
> # "make check" in that particular order.
> # If --enable-gold is used, "gold" may replace "ld".
> host_tools="texinfo byacc flex bison binutils gas ld fixincludes gcc cgen sid sim gdb make patch prms send-pr gprof etc expect dejagnu ash bash bzip2 m4 autoconf automake libtool diff rcs fileutils shellutils time textutils wdiff find uudecode hello tar gzip indent recode release sed utils guile perl gawk findutils gettext zip fastjar gnattools"

If GNU Make is possible in-tree, can I just add the configure options
for it to the gcc configure line (eg
--enable-case-insensitive-filesystem)? I Also configure make with
"--program-prefix=mingw32-". How can I pass that only to make's



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