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In solemn procession, to lie in state in Saint Mark's Church. His men
were done to death with hideous
tortures in the public square. So ended the story of Vittoria
Accoramboni. [Illustration] REGION VI PARIONE The principal point of
this Region is Piazza Navona, which exactly coincides with Domitian's
race-course, and the Region consists of an irregular triangle of which
the huge

square is at the northern angle, the western one being the
Piazza della Chiesa Nuova and the southern extremity the theatre of
so often referred

to in these pages as one of the Orsini's strongholds and containing
little church
in which Paolo Giordano married Vittoria Accoramboni, close to the
Campo dei Fiori which was the place of public
executions by fire.
The name Parione is said to be derived from the Latin 'Paries,' a
applied to a massive remnant of ancient masonry which once stood
in the Via di Parione. It matters little; nor can we find any
satisfactory explanation
of the gryphon which serves as a device for the whole quarter,
included during the Middle Age, with Ponte and Regola, in the large

of the city dominated by the Orsini. The Befana, which is a corruption
of Epifania, the Feast of the Epiphany, is and always has been
the season of giving presents in Rome, corresponding with our
Christmas; and the Befana is personated as a gruff old wo
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