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E till after the evening's service, about nine o'clock. During the day
the dog accompanied
them through the garden, and indeed wherever they went, in the most
attentive manner,

and seemed well pleased. In the evening, when the time arrived that the
party meant to separate, they proceeded to do so; but the dog, the
instant they went to the

door, interposed,
and placing
himself before it, would not allow one of them to touch the handle. On
their persisting and attempting to use force he became furious,

and in a menacing manner drove them back into the kitchen, where he
kept them until the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson,

who were surprised to find the party

at so late an hour, and more so to see the dog standing sentinel over
them. Being thus detected, the servant acknowledged the whole
circumstance, when her friends were allowed to depart, after being
admonished by the
worthy divine in regard to the proper use of the Sabbath. They could
not but consider the dog as an instrument in the
hand of Providence
to point out the impropriety of spending this holy day in feasting
rather than in the duties of religion.

After the above circumstance, it became necessary
for Mr. Simpson, on account of his children's education, to leave his
country residence, when he took
a house in Edinburgh in a common stair. Speaking of this, one day, to a
friend who had visited him, he concluded that

he would be obliged to part with his dog, as he was too large an animal
to be kept
in such a house. The animal was present, and heard him say so, and must
understood what he meant, as he disappeared that evening, and was never
afterwards heard of. These circumstances have been related to me by an
elder of Mr. Simpson's congregation, who had them from himself. * * * *
* I am indebted to the late amiable Lord Stowell for the following
anecdote, which
has since been verified by Mr. Henry Wix, brother
of the archdeacon:-- A Newfoundland dog belonging to Archdeacon Wix,
which had never quitted the island, was brought over to London by him
January 1834, and when he and his family landed at Blackwall
the dog was left on board the vessel. A few days
afterwards the Archdeacon went from the Boroug
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