global declarations

Philip Herron
Fri Sep 17 01:06:00 GMT 2010

Hey all

Been asking on irc tonight but i think many might be sensible and
sleeping. Anyway's this has been bugging me for some time, if i create
a VAR_DECL such as:

tree test = build_decl( UNKNOWN_LOCATION, VAR_DECL,

  TREE_CONSTANT (test) = 1;
  DECL_ARTIFICIAL (test) = 1;
  TREE_STATIC (test) = 1;
  TREE_READONLY (test) = 1;
  TREE_USED (test) = 1;
  DECL_INITIAL (test) = build_int_cst(integer_type_node, 1234 );

And i add it to the vector for:

 wrapup_global_declarations( global_vec, global_vec_len );

  check_global_declarations( global_vec, global_vec_len );
  emit_debug_global_declarations( global_vec, global_vec_len );

  cgraph_finalize_compilation_unit( );

This declaration is not compiled, though my FUNCTION_DCEL 's are
compiled fine though with functions i call:

  gimplify_function_tree( retval );

  cgraph_add_new_function(retval, false);
  cgraph_finalize_function(retval, true);

So they are gimplified though not sure what i should be calling on
these VAR_DECL's, i just tried:

set_user_assembler_name (test, "test");
  layout_decl (test, 0);
  rest_of_decl_compilation (test, 1, 0);

  gimple_seq seq_p = NULL;
  bool x = gimplify_stmt( &test, &seq_p );
  debug("x=<%i>!\n", (int)x );

But no luck it does gimplify but it seems to not know where to put the
stmt and then the tree goes null and i get a sigsegv later on. Not
quite sure how to get this working.


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