[GCC front end] trying to install python fe but fail in make

Philip Herron redbrain@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Sep 15 22:08:00 GMT 2010

On 15 September 2010 21:10, Andi Hellmund <mail@andihellmund.com> wrote:
> GENERIC is usually printed out when specifying the -fdump-translation-unit
> (which is implied by -fdump-tree-all).
> @Phil: you need to explicitly enable the translation-unit dump, e.g. in
> gcalc I did the following:
>   FILE *tu_stream = dump_begin (TDI_tu, NULL);
>   if (tu_stream)
>     {
>       dump_node(main_fn_decl, 0, tu_stream);
>       dump_end(TDI_tu, tu_stream);
>     }

Thanks for that andi i noticed that in the gcalc FE, i never actually
tried the option, i have that in my local commits to my python FE now
but i'm in the middle of merging lots of fixes i've done and cleanups.

I'm endeavoring in clearing up lots of the code so its more readable
and easier for people to get involved etc.

@asma i will post here when i have that option working in that git
branch for you to play with and what python code works etc. Just takes
time i've been busy with some things in RL so haven't had as much time
as i would have liked to work on my front-end this last 2 weeks.


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