[GCC front end] trying to install python fe but fail in make

charfi asma charfiasma@yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 15 13:10:00 GMT 2010

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On 14 September 2010 10:35, charfi asma <charfiasma@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to compile an empty file called t.py using the command " gccpy -O2 -v
> -fdump-tree-gimple t.py "   from http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/PythonFrontEnd but I
> get this error:
> [root@is010178 python_files]# /export/home/charfi/Bureau/build_1309/gcc/gccpy
> -O2 -v -fdump-tree-gimple t.py
> Driving: /export/home/charfi/Bureau/build_1309/gcc/gccpy -O2 -v
> -fdump-tree-gimple t.py -l gpython -l m
> Utilisation des specs internes.
> COLLECT_GCC=/export/home/charfi/Bureau/build_1309/gcc/gccpy
> Target: i686-pc-linux-gnu
> Configuré avec: ../gcc-dev/configure --enable-languages=c : (reconfigured)
> ../gcc-dev/configure --enable-languages=python --disable-werror
> Modèle de thread: posix
> gcc version 4.6.0 20100907 (experimental) (GCC)
> COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS='-O2' '-v' '-fdump-tree-gimple' '-mtune=generic'
> '-march=pentiumpro'
>  gpy1 t.py -quiet -dumpbase t.py -mtune=generic -march=pentiumpro -auxbase t 
> -version -fdump-tree-gimple -o /root/tmp/ccAq3IIH.s
> gccpy: error trying to exec 'gpy1': execvp: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce 
> Any idea ?

My guess is your install prefix isn't added to your $PATH. If you
didn't specify a --prefix=... to the toplevwl configure, gcc will
install to /usr/local and if this is the case you may need to:

$ PATH="$PATH:/usr/local"

And try again.


Yes, It was a problem of PATH values, I added /usr/local to the path value and 
it compiled now but I get error while linking :

[root@is010178 python_files]# /export/home/charfi/Bureau/buildpython/gcc/gccpy 
-O2  -fdump-tree-gimple t.py 

debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/py-lang.c:109> -> init options!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/py-lang.c:138> -> post options!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/py-lang.c:154> -> parse file!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/py-lang.c:159> -> <0> input = <t.py>!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/lexer.l:272> -> trying to open <t.py>!
--(end of buffer or a NUL)
--EOF (start condition 0)
EOF rule!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/py-lang.c:215> -> write globals!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/pypy.c:624> -> Finished processing!
debug: <../../gcc-dev/gcc/python/pypy.c:633> -> finished passing to middle-end!
ld: crtbegin.o: No such file: No such file or directory

it doesn't matter, what I need is to look at the gimple and generic code 
generated using python fe: 

although generic form is not generated explicitly : can not find t.generic when 
I type -fdump-tree-all :( :(
I found only t.py.004t.gimple which is gimple representation of the input file.
Is there any way to generate the generic form (sth like t.py.003t.generic ;)

thank you ;)  


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