shepherdess, too. I have kept

Palubiak Hibert
Sat Sep 11 01:45:00 GMT 2010

Took, in ten days, what it
had cost the Germans many months to gain. Pierre was

there in that glorious charge in the end of
October which carried the heights of Douaumont and took six thousand
prisoners. He was there at the recapture of the Fort de Vaux which the
Germans evacuated
in the first week of
November. In the last rush up the slope, where he had fought long ago, a
stray shell, an inscrutable messenger of fate, coming from far away, no
one knows whence, caught him and ripped him horribly across the body. It
was a desperate mass of wounds. But the men of his squad loved their

He still breathed. They saw

to it that he was carried back to the little
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