problem with my address

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Nov 16 15:33:00 GMT 2010

Fabien Chêne <> writes:

> Le 15 novembre 2010 23:43, Ian Lance Taylor <> a écrit :
>> Fabien Chêne <> writes:
>>> My address no longer bind to my gmail address. It used to
>>> work, could it be related to the bugzilla migration ?
>>> How could I configure it ?
> Sounds like it does not work when I send an email from
> But it works when I send an email from any other email addresses to
> Not a big deal anyway.

I bet you are using gmail.  gmail is fanatical about dup elimination.
When you send an e-mail message to yourself from gmail, gmail winds up
eliminating the message as a dup of the message in the "sent mail"

(I dislike this behaviour myself.)


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