Incorrect construction vtable on ARM in case of diamond shaped virtual inheritance

andrew wiggin
Fri Nov 5 18:59:00 GMT 2010

On 11/5/10, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> andrew wiggin <> writes:
>> That sound consistent. Do you think I should open a bug in the GCC
>> bugzilla and link it to this one for tracking purpose ?
> Well, you could, but in practice it would only be useful if the code is
> broken in 4.5.  The gcc developers no longer support 4.2.

I can understand that 4.2 is no longer supported, but considering the
wide use of advanced ARM processors for embedded devices and the fact
that diamond shaped virtual inheritance is relatively common in C++
(particularly because of boost), I thought that maybe I could find
some developer on the ML with an already setup environment for
building GCC from GIT to verify the bug on the latest GIT revision ;)

I'll try to cross compile gcc from git with the correct binutls and
glibc version to produce runnable binaries on my phone when I'll find
some time. But I am quite sure the problem is still present since I
couldn't find any reference to it in the changelogs and also because
bug #39509 is still opened.

Thanks anyway.


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