SPARC extended inline assembly and register constraints

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Nov 30 19:04:00 GMT 2010

Josef Ahmad <> writes:

> I would appreciate if somebody knows whether there is a way to specify, through the gcc extended inline assembly construct, a precise kind of registers. 
> To be more specific, I would like to indicate that the given instruction operand must be a SPARC output register.
> e.g.
> int var;
> asm volatile("instructionname %1" 
>     : /* no output */ 
>     : "xxx"(var)
>     : /* no clobbered regs */
>     );
> In this case, I would like to find, if existing, the right constraint to use instead of xxx to ask the compiler to pick one of the o0 - o7 registers.
> I state beforehand that I have read the related gcc documentation, unfortunately without finding anything related to my question. I think that gcc focuses strictly on the SPARC ABI compliance rather than allowing a wide range of customization to the inline assembly, but I hope I am wrong and there is a possibility to do this trick.

Use asm ("REGNAME") with var, e.g.,

  int var asm ("%o0");

Then use a constraint which permits %o0, such as simply "r".


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