building gcc 4.4.5 from source on Fedora 13

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Nov 29 15:12:00 GMT 2010

On 29 November 2010 14:49, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 29 November 2010 13:59, Mr Dash Four wrote:
>>> Ditto.  --32 is not a valid GCC option.
>> AFAIK, it is - "gcc --help" tells me otherwise!
> Hmm, it's wrong

Ah, that bit of the output of gcc --target-help contains the assembler
options, though that's not made clear.  Higher up there are the
compiler options, including -m32

$ /usr/bin/gcc --target-help | fgrep 32
  -m32                        Generate 32bit i386 code
  -mcrc32                     Support code generation of crc32 instruction.
  -mpc                        Set 80387 floating-point precision (-mpc32,
  --32/--64               generate 32bit/64bit code
                           generic32, generic64
                           generic32, generic64

To use --32 you'd need to pass it to the assembler with -Wa,--32 but
that's unnecessary if you use -m32

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